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Newborn Bath Tips and Advices

Bathing Your Baby Safely!

2 mins to read Apr 1, 2021

Bathing a newborn baby for the first time can be a fearful experience especially that the safety and comfort of the latter are a red line that cannot be crossed. But, with right equipments and little practice, bath time will surely turns into a fun experience and a perfect moment for the mother and her child to communicate and bond with one another.

Let us read on this article and learn together how to prepare for the newborn bath, how to wash him safely and how to preserve his comfort till the end…


  • Prepare your baby’s items before it’s time for you to bath him, so you won’t need to leave him alone, not for one second. Here are some of the basic items: a clean bathtub filled with warm water, two towels, clean nappy, clean clothes and small cotton balls.
  • Make sure that the water in the tub is warm but not hot. To be able to check it correctly, you just have to put your wrist or elbow in it and mix it very well to avoid any hidden hot zones.
  • Put your baby on your knees and clean his face gently with a cotton ball dipped in water. Then wash his hair while you hold him carefully over the tub.
  • After you dry your baby’s hair, remove his diaper and clean any trace of stool or urine on his bottom (if any).
  • Soak your baby’s body in the tub using one hand to support his head and shoulders, as well as the upper part of his arm.
  • Use a soft washcloth to clean the different parts of your baby’s body, starting with the neck and ending with the genitals.
  • Do not add any shampoo or liquid cleaning agent to your baby’s bath water, as plain water is the best for his skin during the first month after birth.
  • Make sure to keep your baby’s head out of water at all times and do not hesitate to use your other hand to pour some of it on his body without sprinkling his face.
  • Lift your baby from the tub and cover his body and head with a big towel. Dry him while you take into consideration the area behind his ears and his different skin folds.
  • Benefit from your baby’s bath time to massage him and help him relax and sleep, provided that you do not use for this purpose any type of oil deemed inappropriate for babies less than one month.
  • Put a clean diaper on your baby and dress him with clean clothes, before you put him to bed to calm down and get some rest.


Now that you know all the basics for bathing a newborn, you just have to follow them diligently and get used to them so your baby’s bath will be a fun time for you and him!

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